《How do you make a banana milk shake》同步测试试题(5份)

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  Unit 8  How do you make a banana milk shake?
  第一课时 Section A (1a-2c)
  A 基础起航         
  1.切碎 __cut_up__
  2.打开  __turn_on__
  3.削苹果  __peel_the_apple__
  4.把……倒入  __pour..._into__
  Ⅱ. 根据句意及首字母提示完成句中单词。
  1.Shake__ the medicine in  the  bottle before you drink it.
  2.Don't pour__ the dirty water into the river, or it will pollute the water in it.
  3.I don't like to drink coffee with honey__. It's too sweet.
  4.In summer, the most popular fruit is wate rmelon__. It is cool and delicious to eat it.
  5.Little kids like eating porridge with spoons__ because they can't use chopsticks very well.
  6.Before eating the big apple, please peel__ it first.
  7.We can use a blender__ to make a banana mil k shake.
  8.To mait salad, we need two apples, three bananas and some yogurt__.
  Ⅲ. 用方框中所给单词或短语完成句子。
  cut up, peel, drink, eat, pour...into, tat...in
  1.How long does it __take__ to get to school?
  2.The Greens like to __eat__ sandwiches with lettuce.
  3.Let's __drink__ some apple juice.
  4.You have to __peel__ the banana before eating it.
  5.Can you help me__cut_up__ these tomatoes?
  6.Don't __pour__ waste water __into__ the river.
  7.Next, you need to __put__ all these things __in__ the blender.
  Ⅳ. 根据汉语意思完成下列句子,每空一词。
  Put the __apples__  __in__ __the__ __ blender__.
  __Put__ some vegetables __into__ the bowl.
  Don't__turn__ __on__ the TV. The baby is sleeping now.
  4.我给了他几个胡萝卜, 他把胡萝卜都切碎了。
  I gave him some carrots and he __cut__ them __up__.
  Please __pour__ the yogurt __into__ the glass.
  B 语法扬帆         
  Ⅴ. 单项选择。
  ( B )1.—________ yogurt do you want? 
  —Two cups.
  A.How many   B.How much
  C.How long   D.How often
  ( C )2.—How many ________ do we need?
  A.an apple   B.a apple
  C.apples   D.apple
  ( D )3.—Let's make the salad! 
  A.No, I am not  B.Than
  C.That's all right  D.That is a good idea
  Unit 8  How do you make a banana milk shake
  第二课时 Section A (2d-3c)
  A 基础起航         
  Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成句中单词。
  1.Do you put milk and __sugar__(食糖) in your tea?
  2.Our __corn__(玉米) grows very well this autumn. We should thank God to give us food.
  3.I love to eat __popcorn__(爆米花) at the movies.
  4.Do you want tomatoes and cheese__ on your hamburger?
  5.You may stop the machine__ by pushing this button.
  6.Finally, turn__ on the blender and you'll get some fruit salad.
  7.Add__ some more salt to the soup, please.
  Ⅱ. 用所给单词或短语的适当形式填空,每词限用一次。
  cut up, turn on, add, add...to..., put...into...
  1.Please __put__ the ingredients __into__the soup.
  2.Don't __turn_on__ the blender.
  3.Please __cut_up__ the three watermelons.
  4.He __added/adds__ meat __to__ the bread.
  5.Finally, mother __added__ some salt to the soup.
  B 语法扬帆         
  Ⅲ. 用How many或How much填空。
  1.__How_much__ yogurt do we need?
  2.__How_many__ onions do you buy?
  3.__How_many__ tomatoes are there on the plate?
  4.__How_much__ milk do we need?
  5.__How_many__ bottles of juice do you have?
  Ⅳ. 单项选择。
  ( C )1.—________ do you mamplings?
  —Wash your hands first, and do just like this.
  A.Why      B.When
  C.How  D.What
  ( D )2.My grandfather kept working hard, and ________ made his dream come true.
  A.friendly  B.usually
  C.luckily  D.finally
  ( A )3.She tried putting some more ________ and made the soup ________.
  A.salt; salty B.salty; salty
  C.salty; salt  D.salt; salt
  ( A )4.Please cut ________two apples and put them ________ the blender.
  A.up; in  B.up; on
  C.in; up  D.on; up
  ( A )5.Would you like to pass me ________?
  A.two pieces of bread
  B.two piece of bread
  C.two breads
  D.two pieces bread
  ( A )6.I want to take part in the speech contest, too.Please ________ my name ________ the list.
  A.add, to  B.put, to
  C.take, on  D.put, down
  C 提升冲浪         
  Mary is a schoolgirl. The day before yesterday 1.__was__(be) Saturday. Her parents were very busy, 2.__but__ she had nothing to do. So she wanted to coonch for 3.__herself__(she). She didn't cook before, so it was difficult for her. She couldn't cook 4.__vegetables__ (vegetable) or meat. She thought 5.__for__ a long time, and finally she had an idea.
  First, she cooked some rice. 6.__When__the rice was OK, she put it into a bowl. 7.__Next__, she toot three eggs from the fridge. She beat up the eggs, 8.__poured__(pour) some oil into the pan and put the eggs into the pan. 9.__And__ then she put the rice into the pan. Next, she put some salt and a 10.__teaspoon__(teaspoon) of relish. She mixed them 11.__up__ and cooked them.
  She finished her dinner. 12.__How__happy she felt!
  Apple_Straw berry_Slush
  •3 cups of strawberries
  •2 small apples
  •1 bag of sugar
  •2 teaspoons of vanilla syrup
  •crushed ice
  Wash and peel two__1__ apples. __2__ the apples into pieces.
  Wash strawberries and__3__ them dry.
  Cut__4__ strawberries in half and put them in a bowl. Add some sugar and st ir. Put the bowl of strawberries asi de.
  Put the apples in a blender, turn it on until there are__5__ slices of apples lefUnit 8  How do you make a banana milk shake
  第三课时 Section B (1a-1e)
  A 基础起航         
  Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成句中单词。
  1.My younger sister likes to eat bread with some butter__ on it.
  2.How many pie ces__ of bread do you need?
  3.Let's mait  __salad__(沙拉).
  4.We all think that Americans like __sandwiches__(三明治) better than pizza.
  5.My uncle keeps about ten __turkeys__(火鸡) on his farm.
  Ⅱ. 用方框中所给单词的适当形式完成句子。
  final, salt, cut, shake, onion, add, sandwich, much
  1.Life is like a(n) __onion__, and we may cry when we peel it.
  2.He __shook__ the tree and some oranges fell down the tree.
  3.Don't forget __to_add__ some sugar into the coffee.
  4.Stop __cutting__ down trees, because they are important to humans.
  5.Oh, you buy __sandwiches__ again! They are fast food and bad for your health.
  6.I want to buy a bag of __salt__ to cook the meat.
  7.So __much__ honey on the floor! Who b roke the bottle?
  8.__Finally__, the boy found his parents and they were very happy.
  Ⅲ. 根据汉语意思完成下列句子,每空一词。
  Please __put__ some __chicken__ __pieces__ on the sandwich.
  How __much__ __corn__ do we need?
  Who __turned__ __off__ the popcorn machine?
  Don't forget to __add__ a spoon of salt __to__ the chicp.
  B 语法扬帆         
  Ⅳ. 按要求完成下列句子,每空一词。
  1.We need one_cup_of yogurt. (对画线部分提问)
  __How__ __much__ yogurt do you need?
  2.You can put three spoons of sugar into the bowl. (对画线部分提问)
  __How__ __many__ spoons of sugar can I put into the bowl?
  3.There are seven days in a week. (对画线部分提问)
  __How__ __many__ days are there in a week?
  4.Pour some milk into my cup. (改为否定句)
  __Don't__ pour __any__ milk into my cup.
  C 提升冲浪         
  Every country has its favorite food. Italians like to eat pizza. 1.__Indians__(India)like to eat hot food. Japanese like to eat fish, and often they don't cook it.
  In England, one of the most popular 2.__kinds__(kind) of food is fish and chips. People usually buy it and put it 3.__in__ paper bags, and take it home, 4.__or__to their workplace. Sometimes they eat it in the park or on the road. The 5.__world's__(world) favorite food is American fast food. If you go to some important 6.__cities__(city) in the world, you can find people eating hamburgers and chips.
  Fish and chips, and Chinese take-away food are very popular in England. But they are 7.__less_popular__(popular) in the USA than in England. The 8.__Americans__(America) eat take-away food, too, like chict the most popular k ind of take-away food is the hamburger. It looks like bread 9.__with__ meat in it. Ham is a kind of pork, 10.__but__ the hamburger does not have any pork in it. The hamburgers are also popular in England and Australia.
  Pancake Day is a special day and it is celebrated in many countries all around the world. __1__this day many people make and eat pancakes.
  Pancake Day is on a  __2__in February or March. It is the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent (大斋节). Lent is forty days before Easter. Easter is on a different

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