《Have you ever been to a museum》ppt34(课件+作业,打包16套)

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  Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum
  1.________(照相机) are a kind of important invention.
  2.He made great ________(进步) in his study.
  3.There are three ________(德国人) in the library.
  4.I want to go to the ________(厕所).Can you show me the way?
  5.The old man has lived in Shandong ________(省) for a long time.
  6.I have got a ________(迅速的) way to finish the work.
  7.My mother can always make a ________(完美的) cup of coffee.
  8.My parents bought ______ ______ ________(一对) tea sets yesterday.
  9.Have you ________ ________(听说) the interesting story.
  10.My grandfather is interested in ________(收集) old coins.(烟台)
  1.It's ________________(believable) that he won the first prize. He has never won before.
  2.Blue is a ________ (peace) color. People often feel quiet in blue rooms.
  3.He ________(performance) perfectly on the piano yesterday.
  4.The young man __________(invention) a new machine last year.
  5.No driver is needed. The new car can run by ________(it).(莱芜)
  1.—Blue mountains and green waters are around the village. It seems like a place in a fairy story.
  —That's really ________.
  A.somewhere awful
  B.somewhere fantastic
  C.something exciting
  2.The young ________ has over twenty ________.
  A.inventor; inventors 
  B.invention; inventions
  C.inventor; inventions 
  D.invention; inventors
  3.Our English teacher encourages us ________ part in all kinds of after­class activities.(绵阳)
  A.to take                 B.take
  C.taking                  D.to taking
  4.Mrs. Thatcher(撒切尔夫人)is a very ________woman in the world. She is a great woman.
  A.usual                B.usually
  C.unusual              D.unusually
  5.—I haven't been to the science museum for a long time. What about you?
  —________.Could you go with me this weekend?(黄冈)
  A.Me too            B.Me neither 
  C.So have I           D.Me either
  一、1.Cameras 2.progress 3.Germans
  4.toilet  5.province 6.rapid 7.perfect
  8.a couple of 9.heard of 10.collecting
  二、1.unbelievable 2.peaceful
  3.performed 4.invented 5.itself
  Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum
  1.—Let's go s________ quiet to read books.
  —Good idea!
  2.Yesterday we went to a robot m________. There were lots of robots in it.
  3.I find ________(娱乐) in collecting stamps because it's interesting.
  4.All the reporters took photos with their c________.
  5.One of the greatest i________ is the telephone.
  6.(2016•宜昌)—Have you heard of a cool washing machine called Bicycle Washing Machine?
  —Yes, it's a new________ by a group of Chinese university students.
  A.invention                    B.information
  C.instruction                    D.introduction
  7.—I'm going to take a holiday tomorrow.
  A.Yes, you are                 B.Have a good time
  C.You're glad                  D.I hope so
  8.—Has she ever________ Japan?
  —No, never.
  A.been to                  B.go to 
  C.gone to                  D.goes to
  9.—Your brother hasn't visited this city,________?
  —That's right.
  A.doesn't he               B.does he 
  C.hasn't he                D.has he
  10.(2016•苏州) There's no ticket left for Lang Lang's piano concert.________ you________ your sister can go to it.
  A.Both; and                B.Not only; but also
  C.Either; or                 D.Neither; nor
  11.—How do you go to work every day?
  12.—How about going to a(n)_____________________?
  —That's a good idea!
  13.If you have any questions, please_________________ 
  your hand.
  14.—Please tell me something about the accident.
  —The driver's carelessness ________________the accident.
  15.We were_____________________________ swimming in the
  Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum
  1.Because of his hard work, he has made lots of p________.
  2.It's u______________ that the seven­year­old girl can speak two foreign languages.
  3.We wonder w____________ you will pass the exam or not tomorrow.
  4.Parents should e________ their children to do more after­school activities.
  5.He enjoys c________ all kinds of bottles.
  6.(2016•黄石)Many scientists believe that robots ________ able to talk limans in 50 years.
  A.were                B.are
  C.will be               D.have been
  7.(2016•济宁) In order to pass the exam, you need to worch ________now.
  A.hard                    B.harder 
  C.hardest                  D.hardly
  8.You can come to my home ________ you want.
  A.wherever                   B.whoever
  C.whenever                   D.however
  9.—Will you go to the zoo with me?
  —No, I ________ there already.
  A.went              B.have gone
  C.will go            D.have been
  10.Though I have problems ________ to swim, I think it's better ________ a skill.
  A.learning; to learn             B.learning; learning
  C.to learn; to learn              D.to learn; learning
  11.__________________ students will take part in this activity.
  12.Could you please help me _______________________the tent?
  13.We all know the famous saying “All roads________ Rome.”
  14.Let's walk there. The cinema _________________

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