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【外研版】《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语必修2全册配套同步习题(19份,含答案)
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 1 第1课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 1 第2课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 1 第3课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 2 第1课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 2 第2课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 2 第3课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 3 第1课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 3 第2课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 3 第3课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 4 第1课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 4 第2课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 4 第3课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 5 第1课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 5 第2课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 5 第3课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 6 第1课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 6 第2课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 6 第3课时 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
《成才之路 》2017-2018学年高中英语外研版必修2习题:Module 7 Word版含解析-英语备课大师.doc
  Module 1  第一课时
  1.Health is more important than ________(财富).
  2.Hearing the good news, Jack began to feel less ________(焦急).
  3.One of the players  ________(使受伤) his knee in the match.
  4.It's ________(正常的) to feel nervous before an exam.
  5.As everyone knows, improper diet will make people ________(不健康的).
  6.She is overweight,  and has to d________ and take exercise.
  7.We must take p________ to face the difficulties in our life.
  8.We should protect r________ animals.
  9.Who is c________ of the Chinese Women Football Team?
  10.As the p________ says, “No pains, no gains.”
  答案:1.wealth 2.anxious 3.injured 4.normal 5.unhealthy 6.diet 7.pains 8.rare 9.captain 10.proverb
  be connected with catch/get a cold take exercise keep away from be fit to mare would rather be crazy about
  1.The  president's  visiting  America ________ closely ________ the world peace.
  2.I  think  sports  are  good  for  you  and  everybody  shall ________.
  3.It gets cold at night,if you wear light clothing,you'll ________.
  4.____________ that house. They have scarlet fever(猩红热).
  5.He ________ now well and  ________ travel.
  6.I ________ die than live in dishonor(耻辱).
  7.Try skating around but ________  that your back foot  should  never be ahead of your front foot.
  8.He ____________ Michael Jordan.
  答案:1.is; connected with 2.take exercise 3.catch/get a cold 4.Keep away from 5.is;fit to 6.would rather 7.mare 8.is crazy about
  1.(2014•长春高一检测改编) Her shoes ________ her dress; they look very well together.
  答案:match 考查动词词义。句意:她的鞋子和她的裙子很相配;它们搭配在一起很好看。match“匹配,相配”。符合题意。
  2.(2014•哈尔滨高一检测改编)He is a warm-hearted person. ________(rare) does he refuse to help others.
  答案:rarely 考查副词。句意:他是一个热心肠的人。他很少拒绝帮助别人。根据句意可知选rarely“很少地;少有地”,为表示否定意义的副词,位于句首时句子用部分倒装结构。
  3.Mare ________ all the windows are shut before you leave.
  答案:that 考查动词词组用法。句意:在你走之前要确保所有的窗子都关上了。mare(that)...意为“弄清楚,确保,务必保证”,符合题意。
  4.Generally speaking, prices of daily goods ________(buy) through the Internet are lower than store prices.
  答案:bought 考查非谓语动词。句意:总的来说,从网上购买的日常用品的价格要低于商店日常用品的价格。buy和其逻辑主语goods是动宾关系,也就是说,goods是buy的接受者,所以应该用过去分词表被动。
  5.The biggest full moon of 2014 occurred on a Monday night, ________(lead) Chinese observers to gather outside to record the splendor.
  答案:leading 考查非谓语动词。句意:2014年最大的月亮出现在一个星期一的晚上,致使许多中国观察者聚集在户外记录下了这一壮观的景象。lead和“最大的月亮”之间是主谓关系,用现在分词作结果状语,表示自然而然的结果。
  6.He has not got a fever. That is to say, his temperature is ________.
  答案:normal 句意:他不发烧,也就是说,他的体温正常。normal“正常的”Module 1  第二课时
  machine  salt  taste  head  house  mother  elbow  radio
  1.The fish are cut up and ________.
  2.The workers are ________ parts for the engines.
  3.They ________ their way through the crowd.
  4.She ______________ all her young lodgers(房客).
  5.A lot of money was spent to ________ the refugees.
  6.The Navy ________ him orders to stop and wait.
  7.The fish ________ nice. Once you ________ it,you are sure to like it.
  8.All six of them piled into a car and ________ for the railway station.
  答案:1.salted 2.machining 3.elbowed 4.mothers/mothered 5.house 6.radioed 7.tastes;taste 8.headed
  1.—My head hurts.
  —Sit down please and I ________(examine) you.
  2.—________ there ________(be)  a meeting this Thursday?
  3.—We're going to Paris for Sylvia's birthday. But it's a secret.
  —Is it? OK,I ________(not tell) her.
  4.He ______________(come out). Please wait a moment.
  5.Listen to the wind. We ____________(have) a rough crossing.
  6.I ________(leave) Beijing in a few days. Do you know when the earliest plane ________(take off)?
  答案:1.will examine 2.Is;going to be 3.will not tell 4. is about to come out 5.are going to have 6. am leaving; takes off
  1.—We should get together next week.
  —Sounds like a good plan! I ________(give) you a call.
  答案:will give 考查动词的时态。对方提出应该在下周聚一聚,说话人认为这是一个不错的计划,到时候(next week)会给对方打电话联系。
  2.—I thought I as to fix the radio.
  —Oh, I'm sorry, Madam. I ________(do) it right away.
  答案:will do “will+动词原形”表示“临时决定做某事”,符合题意。句意为:“我马上就做”。
  3.—Look! How long ________(rain) like this?
  —Three weeks! It's usual here that rain ________(pour) without stopping these days of the year.
  答案:has it been raining; pours 考查时态。how long往往与表示持续意义的动词连用,根据题意此处用现在完成时态,表明“下雨”这个动作正在发生并且已经持续了一段时间(三个星期);第二个空格处表明“下雨”这个动作在“一年中的这些日子”是常见的,故用一般现在时态。
  4.Mother wanted to be a good provider, a role she ________(shoulder) since her marriage to Module 1  第三课时
  1.Many people believe that o________ results from overeating and stress.
  2.Too many people were pressed into the room, and I could hardly b________.
  3.The physician made a p________ against sea-sickness for him.
  4.She had all the classic s________ of lung cancer.
  5.He had the a________ feeling that everyone was laughing at him.
  6.I ________ companies are normally willing to insure anything.
  答案:1.overweight 2.breathe 3.prescription 4.symptoms 5.awful 6.Insurance
  1.The old man  ________________  for nearly a week.
  2.He was ____________ because he'd mangled his hand in a machine.
  3.All these factors ______________ his success.
  4.______________ on the couch if you're feeling ill.
  5.He ______________ some bad habits at that club.
  6.The concert ______________ a Mozart quartet.
  7.He had ________________ and the suit hung loosely on him.
  8.The plan began to be ______________ practice.
  9.He ____________ after breathing coal dust for many years.
  10.The factory was shut down for two months ____________ the strike.
  答案:1.has had a temperature 2.off work 3.contributed to 4.Lie down 5.picp 6.began with 7.lost weight 8.put into 9.became ill 10.as a result of
  have a temperature lie down pick up make a noise begin with pay for put...into become ill
  1.He has spent the last three years in prison. He has ________ what he did.
  2.You ________ if you go on working like that. I thin really need a good rest.
  3.I was caught in the rain last night,and as a result, I ________ of almost 39℃.
  4.The word “father” ________ an “f”.
  5.These days more money ________ education since its importance was realised.
  6.The train from Beijing to my hometown stops 20 times during the journey to ________ passengers.
  7.It's generally considered bad manners to ________  while eating.

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