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人教版高中英语Boonit 2 Cloning 教案+课件(30张)+检测 (3份打包)
  课题:Boonit2 Cloning
  Teaching aims:
  1. To help the students to have a good understanding of the reading passage;
  2. To help the students know the advantages and disadvantages of cloning;
  3. To help the students to be able to discuss some of the issues associated with cloning.
  Teaching important & difficult points:
  Understand and grasp the advantages, disadvantages and the future of cloning.
  Teaching methods:
  Autonomous learning, Cooperative learning (pair worp work)
  Teaching aid:
  A computer, multimedia
  Teaching procedure:
  Step1. Presentation
  Step2. Fast-reading
  1. Scan the following passage and match the paragraph with the correct sentence.
  Para 1           A. The problems of Dolly
  Para 2           B. The two major uses and procedures of cloning
  Para 3           C. The impact of cloning Dolly
  Para 4           D. The definition of cloning
  Para 5           E. People’s reaction to cloning
  2. The main idea of the text is ______.
  A. Animal cloning is very valuable and can benefit the world.                                         
  B. Animal cloning could be misused by bad people so it must be forbidden.
  C. Animal cloning is well developed because Dolly the sheep was born.                                       
  D. Animal cloning raised arguments and scientists are not sure about its future.
  Step3. Careful-reading
  Task1. (Read para1-2): Answer the following questions.
  1. What is cloning?  
  2. What are the two major uses of cloning?
  3. Why is it easier to make commercial plant clones than animal clones?                                     
  Task2: (Read para3-5): Choose the best answer.
  1. It can be inferred from the passage that a cloned animal_____.
  A. usually lives as long as the original one
  B. usually lives longer than the original one
  C. usually lives shorter than the original one
  D. is usually as healthy as the original one
  Boonit2 Reading 测评练习
  Task1. 单词拼写
  1. The scientists strive for a ________ (突破) in cancer research.
  2. I have no idea of what is in fashion, so my choice is quite _________ (任意的).
  3. The ___________(纠正) of all my mistakes took nearly an hour.
  4. Old people are usually more c________ than young people.
  5. Sound travels through the m________ of air.
  6. New York is a big _____________ (商业的) city.
  7. I hope you will ______ (达到) you object.
  8. What’s the p_________ for opening a bannt?
  9. It had largely replaced _________ (道德上的) judgments.
  10. I must insist on your giving me a __________ (直接的) answer. 
  Task2. 选词填空
  differ from, pay off, be appropriate for, cast down, raise an objections to,
  in favor of, have an impact on 
  1. Thoughts of Chinese _______________ westerners’ in a number of ways.
  2. She was __________________ at the news of her aunt’s death.
  3. Plain clothes ___________________ school wear.
  4. At worst we’ll have to sell the house so as to ____________ our debts.
  5. Some managers have ________________________ laying off too many employees.
  6. The development of science and technology ____________ our daily life.
  7. Personally, I’m _____________ the plan though some are strongly against it.
  Task3. 句型仿写
  1.【原句】The fact that she seemed to develop normally was very encouraging. 她(多莉羊)似乎生长正常的事实很鼓舞人心。
  【解读】that she seemed to develop normally是一个同位语从句,作the fact的同位语。
  2. 【原句】Then came the disturbing news that Dolly had become seriously ill. 接着传来了多莉病重的坏消息。
  【解读】这是一个完全倒装句。当句首状语为表示地点的here, there, 表示运动方向的up, down, in, out, off, away, 或表示时间的now, then时,句子要用完全倒装结构,谓语动词常用come, go, lie, run等表示运动的动词。

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