《Jamie is a cook whose ideas are changing school dinners》ppt4

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  11. persuade sb to do说服。。。做。。。
  12. ban sb from doing 禁止某人做某事
  13. educate sb…教育某人
  14. agree with同意某人的看法
  15. make changes to sth改变某事
  1.break down=go wrong    出故障,抛锚
  2.for the first time首次
  3.put on so much weight增加如此多的体重
  lose weight 减肥
  4.in common… …共同地
  1. junk/ healthy food 垃圾食品/健康食品
  2. get/have sth done.把问题解决
  3. go back to回到
  4. what sb/sth be like  Sb/Sth怎么样
  5. be not just bad for  对。。不仅仅有害处
  6. behave badly行为不佳
  7. decide to do决定做。。。
  8. It was hard work 这是个艰巨的工作(无a)
  9. refuse to do拒绝做。。。
  10. in the end=at last=finally最后
  (   ) 1. ----_______ ruler is this?  ----It’s Ann’s          A. whose    B. who  C. which
  (   ) 2. I agree _______ you _______ your view.        A. on, with       B. with, on    C. to, with
  (   ) 3. My dad took me to _______ in the hospital.       .
  A. get my eyes examine      B. get my eyes examining    C. get my eyes examined
  (   ) 4. I didn’t ______ I made a mistantil the last answer appeared  
  A. recognize     B. realise       C. saw
  (   ) 5. It happened ________ last month.       A. sometimes    B. sometime     C. some time
  (   ) 6. Which do you prefer, a bottle of orange or a bottle of milk?    A. either   B. neither   C. both
  (   ) 7. After Mr. Jackson finished his speech, he would go back____ abroad.   A. to   B. for   C. /
  二、单词拼写 根据句子的意思及所给的首字母的提示,写出适当的单词。
  1. The boy is very naughty and b_________ badly in class.
  2. I want to p_________ my father not to smoke.
  3. She f_________ to receive his presents on her birthday party yesterday.
  4. Smoking is b_____ for your health..
  5. All of us are b_______ to go on with the project because something is wrong with the paper.
  6. Please add some s________ to your coffee and it’ll make it t________ and sweet
  1.我们已经拒绝了吃垃圾食品。  We have already _________________ the __________________.
  2.该剧本昨天被禁止出版。 The play ____________________________________ yesterday.
  3.最后,Jamie说服他们品尝一下他做的饭菜  ________, Jamie _______ them ______

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