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  Module 10 Australia
  本模块以去澳大利亚旅游为话题。Units 1 -3中的对话与文章均是锻炼学生运用英语表述在澳大利亚旅游。通过本单元的听说活动,给学生提供充足的体验和运用语言的机会。
  Unit 1
  I have some photos that I toostralia last year.
  Knowledge objective
  To master some words and expressions about Australia.  21*cnjy*com
  Ability objective
  1. To make a poster about a country.
  2. To understand a conversation about visiting a country.
  3. To know more about Australia.
  1. To learn some words and expressions:
  magical, height, sailing, sailing boat, sheep, wool, ant, fly, hat, scissors, diary, keep a diary, central, hate, according to, keep sb./sth. away, cut off, brush, brush sth. off sth., at the time.
  2. To learn some expressions about describing a country.
  PWP method, task-based method and interactive approach
  Multimedia and some pictures
  Teaching Procedures:
  Step 1  Warming up   
  Using some pictures, answer the questions:
  1. Where were the Olympic Games held in 2000?
  2. What is the largest English-speantry in the southern part of the world?
  3. What famous things can you see there?
  Now listen and check.
  Listen again and complete the sentences.
  1. The country that Tony would like to visit is _________.
  2. In Tony’s opinion, Australia is famous for __________.21•cn•jy•com
  3. Ayers Rock is a huge rock in ___________ Australia.
  4. Australia is ___________ English-speantry in the southern part of the world.
  Step 2  Consolidate new words
  Look at the pictures and say new words.
  Step 3  Listen and read, then complete the table.
  Facts about Australia
  Name Ayers Rock Sydney Opera House Great Barrier Reef
  Location central Australia Sydney
  northeast coast of Australia
  Details a special huge rock lige sailing boat 2,600 kilometres long
  Step 4  Reading
  Read the dialogue and answer the questions.
  1. What is Tony going to write about?
  2. Why does Tony’s dad show his photos of Australia to Tony?【来源:21•世纪•教育•网】
  3. Who are the people in some of the photos?
  4. Why do many Australians speak English?
  5. What did Tony’s dad not lit Australia?
  Step 5  Complete the passage with the correct form of the words and expression in the box.
  Tony is going to write a letter about Australia. His dad helps him. He shows Tony some photos. Tony sees a photo of Ayers Rock in _________ Australia. Ayers Rock has a(n) _______ of 348 metres, and _____________ the local people, it is a magical place. Tony also sees some photos of some sheep farmers with special _____ to keep away flies. The farmers use ________ to cut the wool off sheep. Tony’s dad says Tony can read his ______. He also says he ________ the _________ that he had to

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