《Have you read Treasure Island yet》ppt35(课件+试题,打包15套)

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  Unit 8 Have you read Treasure Island yet
  1.That man made a     (记号) on one side of the boat.
  2.Not everyone can live on the     (岛)alone like Robinson
  3.The man was so greedy that he died when he wanted to get more     (珠宝).
  4.English, Chinese and     (法语) are important working
  languages of the UN.(宿迁)
  5.The book report is d    (预期) in two weeks.
  1. —     will your father come back from Beijing?
  —In two days.(泰安)
  A. How often  B. How long
  C. How far  D. How soon
  2. I have got two apples. One is for you,and      is for my mother.
  A. other B. others C. the other D. another
  3. When he      school,he saw his classmates playing volleyball. (绥化)
  A. arrived  B. got to  C. reach
  4. Are you going by      or by sea?
  A. land  B. soil  C. earth  D. ground
  5.     , you guys! You don't want to miss the train, do you?
  A. Look up  B. Give up
  C. Hurry up  D. Grow up
  6. The teacher came into the room with a bottle      water in his
  A. filled of  B. full of
  C. full with  D. fill with
  7. —Have you read Little Women yet?
  —Yes. It was so fantastic that I couldn't     .(乌鲁木齐)
  A. put it off    B. put it down 
  C. put it away  D. put it up
  8. It's reported that the sand storm is moving      the south year
  after year.
  A. on      B. towards
  C. with     D. from
  Unit 8 Have you read Treasure Island yet
  1.We must study science and____________(科技), or we will fall behind others.
  2.The students ran ________(朝) the playground after class.
  3.You can't use a ________(枪) to kill animals.
  4.The boy found ________ (珠宝)under the tree. He sent it to the police
  5.Open your books and turn to ________(页) 28.
  ________you ________ yet which book to write about for English class?
  It was really good, so I couldn't ________ it ________.
  You should ________ ________.The book report ________ ________ in two weeks.
  A few weeks ago, I found the ________ of another man's feet on the ________.
  His favorite kind of books ________ ________   ________.
  11.I went to Jeju I________ in South Korea last month. I really had a good time there.
  12.A lot of children play with their friends on the s________ in summer.
  13.The elephant is the biggest animal on l________.
  14.You can go to Shanghai from Dalian by s________.
  15.The computer is a useful t________ on which you can study a lot of things.
  16.—What are you going to do this Sunday?
  —We haven't decided________.
  17.I ________ saw him a moment ago.
  18.I've heard of him but I ________ know him.
  19.Have you ________ been to Australia?
  20.Tom has________ finished his homework.
  Unit 8 Have you read Treasure Island yet
  1.Haikou is in the s________ part of China.
  2.We can't depend on our parents f________. We can sometimes do
  things by ourselves.
  3.Seeing a dog running t________ me, I was too frightened.
  4.If you want to work a________, you must learn foreign languages.
  5.He's i________ his parents to his teacher now.
  6.(2016•山西) Confucius (孔子) is also very famous in many Western
  countries because he taught people to be ________ to others first.
  A.similar  B.kind  C.important
  7.(2016•海南)Uncle Liang ________ in Haikou since 1980, so he knows a lot about the city.
  A.is living  B.has lived
  8.—What do you think of the book?
  A.Yes, it is                 B.It's exciting
  C.I have bought it            D.Me too
  9.She used to ________ in the morning, but now she's used to ________ at night.
  A.read; read            B.reading; reading
  C.to read; to read         D.read; reading
  10.We kept on ________ and didn't have any time ________ a rest.
  A.working; to have  B.to work; to have
  C.working; having  D.to work; having
  think of; at the end of; ever since;
  full of; wap
  11.The room was crowded and _________________ people.
  12.We will visit the museum ___________________this month.
  13.He always ________________________ others more than himself.
  14.They have worked here _______________________ last year.
  15.The baby ____________________ and began to c

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