《What’s the highest mountain in the world》ppt43(课件+作业,打包16套)

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  Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world
  1.Health is a __________(条件) for happiness.
  2.Water is more important than anything else when you are traveling in the__________(沙漠).
  3.There are three pictures on the _________(墙).
  4.The latest novel is one of this writer's greatest__________      (成就).
  5.The old couple enjoy living in the countryside, because they love the beauty of __________(大自然)there.
  1.The Sahara is about 9,600,000 s__________kilometers in size.
  2.Our beach house is just a few miles from the o__________W.
  3.Many t _________come to visit the Great Wall every year.
  4.You can see different a__________buildings in China. They are over 500 years old.
  5.It is said that the Caspian Sea is 1,025 meters d__________ .
  1.—________is the river?
  —It's about 2,000 kilometers.
  A. How big                 B. How far
  C. How high                D. How long
  2.—Canada is one of the largest __________in the world.
  —That is, it is larger than__________ country in Asia.(龙东)
  A. country; any other           B. countries; any other
  C. countries; any
  3.There are many books on the shelf,__________ 3 Mo Yan's books.
  A. include                   B.to include 
  C. including                  D. included
  4.The sunglasses can__________ your eyes __________strong sunlight. 
  A. protect;from               B. protect;in
  C. protect;away               D. protect;out
  5.  __________he asks me again, I won't help him.
  A. Even though                 B.As if
  C.As far as                     D. Because
  6.The students arrived at the top of the mountain__________      two hours later.(青岛)
  A. successful                 B. successfully
  C. success                    D. succeed
  7.The ice in the lake is about one meter__________ .It's safe to skate on.
  A. long                  B. high 
  C. thick                  D. wide
  8. Dreams are beautiful. However, to __________them needs lots of time and work.(安徽)
  Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world
  1.I believe you will ________ (成功) if you don't give up.
  2.The river is very ________(深的).Don't swim in it.
  3.The ice was not ________(厚的) enough for us to walk on.
  4.My math teacher drew a ________(正方形)on the blackboard.
  5.Not everyone can swim with fish in the________(海洋).
  Qomolangma is ______ than ______ _______ _______ in the world.
  The Nile is ________ ________ ________.
  Did you know that China is ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ in the world?
  ________ ________ ________ ________ me anything on ________Great Wall tour.
  It also shows that humans can sometimes be stronger than the ________ ________ ________.
  11.China plays a great role in A________.
  12.The tree is about 20  m________ tall.
  13.Xi'an is an a________ city in China.
  14.There is a big picture on the w________.
  15.—What about your t________ of Hong Kong?
  16.All of your teachers hope you can ________(success) in the math competition.
  17.Our house ________ (including) three bedrooms and a kitchen.
  18.You must do more things to ________ (achievement) your aim.
  19.In spring,many people want to go out and walk in ________(natural).
  20.(N)Many ________ (tour) come to Beijing every year.
  protect, desert, today, wide, population
  21.Is there anything new in ________ newspaper?
  22.The river is about 50 meters ________.You can swim across the river.
  23.The ________ of Shandong is about 90,000,000.
  24.We should ________ the earth.
  25.If you want to walk across the________, you must tagh food and water.
  26.(2015•重庆B)Ma Yun, head of Alibaba, is one of ________ persons in the world.
  A.rich                      B.richer
  Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world
  1.(2016•杭州)Linda stayed up late and p________ herself for the math exam last night.
  2.Many ________ (观光者) were interested in the beauty of the lake.
  3.We need to do lots of ________ (研究) to solve the problem.
  4.He worked hard and a________ his plan in the end.
  5.He tried again and again and s________ at last.
  6.(2016•天津)A journey by train is________ than by coach.
  A.more relaxing            B.relaxing
  C.most relaxing            D.the most relaxing
  7.Don't run in the hallway. If you do it, you will ________ others.
  A.walk to              B.walk into
  C.walt             D.walk away
  8.—How can we protect ourselves ________ the earthquake?
  —We should stay calm first.
  A.with                    B.about 
  C.for                      D.from
  9.(2015•襄阳)—It's reported that Chinese ________ more than 40 minutes a day reading WeChat (微信).
  —It's true. But I think WeChat is taking too much of our time.
  A.spend                  B.cost 
  C.pay                    D.take
  10.—Some of the animals________ pollution.
  —Right. The government will find ways to solve the problem.
  A.die to                      B.die at 
  C.die of                      D.die from
  11.One's interest is not decided ______________________.
  12.He often ___________________because his shoes are too big for him.
  13.When we see someone ___________________, we must call 110.
  14.When he heard the cry for help, he _______________the house and ran

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