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英语人教版选修10课本全套资料—Unit1 Word版含解析.doc
英语人教版选修10课本全套资料—Unit2 Word版含解析.doc
英语人教版选修10课本全套资料—unit3 Word版含解析.doc
英语人教版选修10课本全套资料—unit4 Word版含解析.doc
英语人教版选修10课本全套资料—unit5 Word版含解析.doc
  Unit 1  Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  1. venture vt. & vi. 冒险;敢于去。。。。。。 n. 冒险行动;商业冒险,投机
  Don’t venture too near the edge of the well; you might fall in.别冒险太靠近水井,那样你会掉进去的。
  He failed in his ventures.他投机失败了。
  2. strengthen vt. & vi. 加强、巩固;变强 
  The wind strengthened during the night.夜晚,风吹得更大了。
  3. bear  n.熊、粗鲁的人、笨拙的人;vt. & vi. 负担、忍受、佩带、经得起、生育
  She is nice but her husband is such a bear that nobody likes him.她很好,可是她丈夫非常粗鲁,没有人喜欢他。
  The sound of music was borne on the wind.音乐声随风飘扬。
  She bore (has borne) her husband 5 children.她给她丈夫生了5个孩子。
  注:bear过去分词是borne和born,born只有在were/was born短语中。比如:
  I was born in Beijing in May.
  4. delay  vt. & vi.; n. (使)耽搁、推迟、延误
  Don’t delay; act today.别拖延,今天就开始行动。
  We decided to delay (going on) our holiday until next month.
  5. crush  vt. & vi.   n. 压碎、弄皱、拥抱;塞、使挤入
  This material doesn’t crush.这种料子不会打皱的。
  The young mother crushes the baby into her breast 那年轻的妈妈把孩子紧紧地抱在怀里。
  6. rank  n.  vt. & vi. 排、横列、把.....分等/评级;adj.繁茂、过于肥沃的、腥臭的
  Each rank has a name.每一个等级都有名称。
  Taxis stand in a (taxi) rank waiting to be hired.出租车排成一列等候乘客。
  Cut the rank grass.把这些繁茂的青草割掉。
  7. select  vt. & vi.  adj.   挑选、选择、精选的
  Most of the delegates to the conference are selected from advanced workers.大多数与会代表是从先进工作者中挑选出来的。
  8. collect  vt. & vi.  收集、采集、集中、接走、堆积
  I tried to collect my thoughts but was too excited.我试图集中思想,可是太激动了。
  She’ll come around to collect her son.她会来接她儿子的。
  9. swear  vt. & vi.  n.  宣誓、发誓、骂;誓言、骂人的话
  He swore to obey.他发誓要遵守规矩。
  10. freeze  vt. & vi.  n. (使)结冰、凝固、感到极冷、严寒期
  Fresh water freeze at 0°C.淡水在零度结冰。
  The road is frozen hard.路上的冰结得很厚。
  11. gratitude  n.  感激、感恩、感谢
  She showed me her gratitude by inviting me to dinner.
  Unit 2 King Lear
  1. shorten  vt.  缩短。。。。。。
  She shortened the skirt by an inch. 她把裙子缩短了一英寸。
  2. burden  n. & vt. 担子、主题(无复数),负担、麻烦
  The burden of grief made her in low spirits all day long.压在心头的悲伤使她整天郁郁寡欢。
  3. responsibility  n.  责任、负责;职责、义务、任务
  Who bears full responsibility for the consequence?谁对后果承担全部责任?
  4. allocate  vt.  配给、分配
  The headmaster allocated tasks to each of us.校长给我们每一个人都分配了工作。
  5. distribute  vt.  分发、分配某事物、分散放置
  In a co-operative profits are distributed among the work-force.在合作社中,利润是在全体劳动者中进行分配的。
  6. contradict  vt. & vi. 批驳、相反、与。。。。。。相矛盾
  The speaker had got confused, and started contradicting himself.演讲者弄糊涂了,说话自相矛盾起来了。
  He contradicted the manager at the meeting.他在会议上顶撞了经理。
  7. confirm  vt. 证实、确认、批准、肯定
  Please write to confirm your reservation.请来信确认你的预订项目。
  After a 6-month probationary period, she was confirmed in her post.经过六个月的试用期后,她获准正式任该职。
  8.corrupt  a. ; vt. & vi. 腐败(的)、使腐败、腐蚀,贿赂、收买
  This corrupt film is full of sex and violence.这部堕落的影片里充斥了色情和暴力.
  He was sent to prison for trying to corrupt a policeman with money.他因为试图贿赂一个警察金钱而被判刑入狱了。
  9. cash  n. & vt.  现金、兑现
  I have no ready cash on me, can I pay you tomorrow?我身上没有现金,能明天付给你钱吗?
  10. vacant  adj.  空的、空洞的、无表情的、愚蠢的
  From her vacant look we can know that she probably is in bad condition.从她发呆的样子我们可以知道她也许身体不好。
  The madman gave a vacant laugh.那个疯子发出了愚蠢的大笑。
  11. respond  vi. & vt.  n.  作答、回答、响应、有反应
  The illness quickly responded to proper treatment.疾病经适当治疗后很快好转了。
  He responded to our question with a letter.他写了一封信答复我们的问题。
  12. suspect  adj. n. vt.  可疑的;嫌疑犯;猜想、怀疑
  His testimony is suspect.他的证词是可疑的。
  We suspect him to be a murderer.我们怀疑他是凶犯。
  13. demand  n.  vt. & vi.  需要的事物、要求(知道)、需要、查问
  There’s a great demand for teachers in Shenzhen.深圳需要大量的老师。
  14. beyond  prep.  adv. & n. 在。。。。。。的那边、超出;(在)远处、更远地
  I know nothing of it beyond what he told me.除了他告诉我的以外,我就一无所知了。
  I own nothing beyond the clothes on my back.除了身上的衣服我就一无所有了。
  Unit3 Fairness For All
  1.Register  v. 登记,注册; 以挂号寄送
  Where can I register for the Arabic course?我选阿拉伯语一科到哪里注册?
  2.Special  adj. 特殊的;专门的,特别的
  On holiday the railways run extra trains for special purpose.假日铁路增开加班火车。
  3.Announce  v t. 预示,显示; 宣布,告知
  The government announced its new economic policies.政府发布了新的经济政策。
  The secretary announced Mr. and Mrs. White. 秘书同胞怀特夫妇驾临。
  4.Support  vt.  n.支持,支撑;赞成, 拥护;赡养  支撑物, 支持,声援
  He supports The UN’s effort to reduce poverty in the world.他支持联合国为减少贫困做的努力。
  She is his sole support in life.她是他生活上唯一支柱。
  5.break down (指机器)出毛病, 坏掉;精神崩溃(break up是“打碎、解散”意思) 
  The car broke down.汽车坏掉了。
  He is suffering from a nervous breakdown.他正患神经衰弱。
  They brop the alliance.他们终止了联盟。
  6.Prohibit  vt. 禁止
  Smoking in the railway compartment is prohibited.严禁在这节火车车厢内吸烟。
  Children are prohibited from buying cigarettes.禁止儿童购买香烟。Prohibit sb.from doing
  7. seize  vt & vi. 常用被动,侵袭,发作(=attack, overcome)扣押, 查封,没收
  He was seized with sudden chest pain.他的胸口疼突然发作。
  8. grip  vt. 紧握,抓紧
  The brakes failed to grip and the car ran into a wall.煞车失灵, 汽车撞在一堵墙上。
  10.remain   vi. 剩下、余下;逗留、继续存在;保持
  You may have all those that remain.你可以把剩下的那些全部拿走。
  11.submit  vi. & vt.   (使)服从、屈服;提交
  We shall submit ourselves to discipline.我们必须守纪律。
  12.punctual  a.   准时的、正确的
  Every one in our class is punctual for class.我们班每个人都能做到上课不迟到。
  13.Coincide  vi.  同时发生,巧合  coincidental adj. 巧合性的, 巧合
  My religious beliefs and yours don’t coincide.我的宗教信仰和你的

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