七年级英语下册《What time do you go to school》素材(13份)

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  1.一份有趣的工作 an interesting job   2.在广播电台at a radio station   3. 广播节目 radio show   4. 从夜里十二点到早上六点 from twelve at night to six in the morning   5.吃一顿匆忙的早餐 eat a quick breakfast   6. 锻炼 do exercise    7. 在八点四十五(两种表达方法)at eight forty-five/at a quarter to nine
  8. 到达学校 get to school    9. 穿上/脱下衣服 put on/take off one’s clothes     10.刷某人的牙 brush one’s teeth
  11. 上床睡觉 go to bed     12. 从那以后  after that     13. 在大约十点二十 at about ten twenty    14. 去上班 go to work     15. 做某事迟到 be late for sth.     16. 在上午十点十五  at 10:15 A.M.    17. 在下午四点半 at 4:30 P.M.   18. 当他到家的时候,他总是先做作业。When he gets home, he always does his homework first.    19. 你需要在吃完东西后刷牙。You should brush your teeth after eating.    20. 然后他总是洗澡并吃一顿丰盛的早餐。Then he always swims and eats a good breakfast.    21. 她知道这对她不好,但是冰激凌吃起来真的很好吃。She knows this is not good for her, but ice cream tastes really good.    22. 他要么看电视要么玩儿电脑游戏。He either watches TV or plays computer games.
  23. 有时放学后我打半个小时的篮球。Sometimes I play basketball for half an hour after school.    24. 我没有太多的时间吃早饭或打扫房间。I don’t have much time for breakfast or to clean my room.
  25. ---他什么时间锻炼? ---他通常在周三下午三点做运动。---When does he exercise? --- He usually exercises at three o’clock on Wednesday afternoon.
  Unit 2 What time do you go to school
  From Monday   1   Friday most people are busy working or studying, but in the evening and weekends they have time. Some watch TV or go to the movies; others like playing   2   …
  1. A. of B. to C. in D. for
  2. A. sports B. sport C. sportes D. sporting
  【答案】:1. B  2. A
  【解析】:人们从周一到周五一直都在忙于工作或学习,但在晚上或周末才有时间。有的人看电视或去看电影,有的人则去锻炼身体……这篇短文中用到了一些固定搭配:第1题:from...to…为固定搭配,意为“从……到……”。第2题:play sports为固定搭配,意为“做运动”。
  Unit 2 描述某人的日常生活
  My Brother’s Morning
  My brother usually gets up at 6:00. He goes running at 6:15. He reads books at six thirty in the morning. Then he has breakfast at 7 o’clock. My brother goes to school at 7:30, and he begins his class at 8 o’clock.
  to a CD. Sally is his younger sister. Where’s she? Oh! She’s using the computer.
  Unit 2 What time do you go to school
  美文阅读:Colorful school life
  We have lived in Lida School for more than one year. I enjoy all the time here because it can bring me a lot of things such as feelings, knowledge and other things I need.
  There are many trees and flowers around us. The trees are green all the year. When we sit in the classroom and loot of the windows, we can see a big tree shaking its strong arms to us. It is really wonderful.
  In some ways, our thoughts are at large. Perhaps it mar brains creative. I believe that nothing can tie up my mind even it stands for authority. The free life is just lir school life.
  In our school, of course, there are both success and failure. We should not be proud but modest because there are too many people much better than myself. Actually, we also should muster up courage and work harder.
  I like to sing:
  “We are honest.
  We always keep promises.
  We often think a lot.
  We are never afraid of anything.”
  So we have our own school life different from others.
  At last, it is impossible for me to resist the temptation to say: what a perfect school life I have!

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