《Growing pains》词汇复习

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  M1 U2 词汇复习巩固  T 
  1. 出现;调高(音量) turn up
  2. 浪费时间 a waste of time
  3. 强迫某人做某事 force sb. to do sth./force sb into doing sth.
  4. 从假期回来 arrive back from vacation
  在度假 on vacation
  5. 比预料得早 earlier than expected
  6. 迫不及待地做某事 can’t wait to do sth.
  7. 应该 be supposed to do sth.
  本应该 was/were supposed to do sth./
  is/are supposed to have done
  should have done/ought to have done.
  8. 混乱 in a mess/ a mess
  9. 有某人负责 leave sb. in charge
  10. 表现像成年人 act like an adult
  11. 做出好的决定 make good decisions
  12. 容忍这样的行为 tolerate such behavior
  tolerate doing sth/ tolerate sb doing sth
  13.( 灯、火)熄灭/过时 go out
  14. 看上去不高兴 look upset
  对……不高兴 be upset about /over/by
  15.为自己辩护 defend myself / in defence of
  16. 值得一个解释 deserve an explanation/deserve explaining/
  deserve to be explained
  17. 对某人严格 be hard on/ be strict with
  18. 既然 now that/ since
  19. 对某人粗鲁 be rude to sb.
  20. 想要做某事 feel like doing sth./ feel like +宾从
  would like sth./ to do sth.
  21. 吸收;欺骗;理解 take in
  22. 发出(喊声);透露(某事) let out
  23. 被……代替 be replaced by
  replace sth. with sth.
  24. 省略;遗漏 leave out
  25. 记住 keep sth. in mind/ learn sth. by heart
  26. 对……表示同情 show sympathy to
  27. 对……骄傲、自豪 be proud of/ take pride in
  28. 熬夜 stay up/ sit up
  29. 对……紧张、担心 be nervous about
  30. 数学考试没及格 fail the Maths test
  31. 毫无结果地;白费地;免费 for nothing
  32. 毕竟;别忘了;终究 after all
  33. 把我的结果和其他人的结果混淆 mix up my results with someone else’s
  34. 好像;好似 as if /as though陈述语气(表事实)
  35. 坚持浪费时间看DVD insist on wasting time watching DVDs
  insist +宾从陈述语气(表事实)
  insist +宾从虚拟语气(表非事实should do)
  36. 取决于;依赖 depend on/upon sb./sth.
  depend on it that +宾从
  视情况而定 It/That depends.
  37. 禁止某人做某事 forbid doing sth/sth.
  forbid sb to do sth/ frobid sb from doing sth
  38. 经历、浏览 go through
  39. 连同,与……一起 along with/ as well as / together with/ with
  40. 认为……是 thought of…as/ consider… as/ regard…as
  look on…as
  41. 对……感到困惑 be/ feel confused with/ about
  42. 往往会;常常就 tend to do/ have a tendency to do
  43. 在这个方面 in this regard
  44. 有困难平衡这些需要 have difficulty balancing these needs
  45. 适应社会 fit in society
  46. 结果是;证明是 turn out to be adj./n.
  It turns/-ed out that
  47. 被交换成 be traded for
  1. When hearing that there was an e________, the doctor rushed to the operation theatre.
  2. Drivers are f________ from driving after drinking.
  3. 别对她太严格了,毕竟她还是个孩子。
  Don’t be too ________ ________ her. After all, she’s a child.

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