《A Social Survey-My Neighbourhood》知识点归纳

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  1. survey  n. vt. 调查;审视,仔细考虑
  make/ do/ carry out/ conduct a survey (of…)
  Surveys show/ suggest/ indicate/ find/ reveal that…
  2. read about读关于…的文章;获悉
  read 读         read about/of  读关于…的文章;获悉
  know 知道      know about/of  了解
  learn 知道      learn about/of  了解
  tell 告诉        tell about/of   讲述
  3. in the south 在范围之内
  to the south 两个相互独立的地方 on the south 接壤
  4. sixteen-year-old Zhang Hua
  a five-storey apartment   Many students signed up for the 800-metre-long race in the sports meeting to be held next week.
  5. be made of (可见原材料)由……什么制成
  be made from由….制成   be made into 被制成(产品)
  be made by +制造商     be made in +产地
  be made up of 由…构成
  6. compare  vt. 比较  comparison n. 比较,比喻
  compare A with B.   compare A to B. 把A比作B.
  beyond/ past/ without compare/ comparison 无与伦比
  make a comparison between A and B.
  in/ by comparison 比较起parison with 与…相比较
  In comparison with the States, the U.K. is tiny.
  考点compare 的非谓语在句中作状语:
  Comparing this book with that one, you’ll find this one is more interesting.
  Compared with that book, this book is more interesting.
  7. It has been six years since we last saw each other.
  (1) ① It is/ has been +一段时间 + since + (短暂性动作)
  ② It is/has been +一段时间 +since + (延续性动作)
  It is/ has been 3 years since my elder brother joined the army.
  It is/has been 3 years since my father smoked.
  (2) It was + 一段时间 + before… 过了一段时间就发生了…
  It was not half a year before they married.
  (3) It will be + 一段时间 + before… 要过多久才能发生…
  It will be another week before he returns.
  (4) It is/ was + 时间点 + when… 当…时已是…时候了
  It was 8 o’clock when I went back home last night.
  (5) ① It is/ was + prep. + 时间点 + that… (强调句)
  It is at 8 o’clock that I went back home last night.
  ② It was not until + 时间点 + that… 直到…才…(强调句)
  It was not until 10 o’clock that he returned.
  ③ It is/ was in + 时间段  + that (强调句)
  It was in ten years that he found his lost child.
  (完成时用since, 将来时用before, 强调句用that)
  8. This is the first time I’ve visited your hometown.
  (1) It/ This/ That is/ was the first/ second…time (次数)/ year/ day that + (现在\过去)完成时
  (2) It’s (high) time to do sth. (早)该做…
  (3) It’s (high) time that + Subject + 过去时…  (早)该做…
  It’s the second time that John has held an art exhibition.
  It was the third time that the boy had been late.
  It is high time that we took immediate action to solve the problem.
  (2009辽宁卷)It’s the first time that he has been to Australia, __C__?
  A. isn’t he    B. hasn’t he     C. isn’t it     D. hasn’t it
  9. the only/ best/ very one of the + C 复数 + 定语从句 + V.第三人称单数
  He is one of the workers that/ who have received the prize.
  He is the only one of the workers that/ who has received the prize.
  10. attractive  adj. 有魅力的;吸引人的,引人注意的=appealing
  I must admit I’ve never found him particularly attractive.
  attract one’s attention
  attraction  n. [C]吸引人的人或物 [U]吸引,吸引力
  have an/ no/ a little/ much attention to sb. 对某人有/没有/有一点/非常有吸引力
  11. have been to 去过(现在不在那个地方)
  have gone to 去了((现在不在说话现场)
  have been in 在某地(现在还在那个地方)
  12. fortunate  a.    [be fortunate to do/ (in) doing sth.]
  fortunately  adv.  unfortunate  a.  fortune  n.
  I was fortunate to have/ in having a good mother.
  You’re fortunate that you’ve still got a job.

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